Welcome to The Seymour Codex!

Hello! I’m George, a (currently) unpublished author and writer. While working away on books that I want to finish, I find that sometimes I have things to say about the writing craft, how stories are told in video games and other topics that just won’t fit into a Twitter (or Threads) rant. Below you’ll find my most recent posts, which may include book reviews, commentary on the writing craft or thoughts on the industry. Enjoy!

  • Books vs eBooks – The Best Choice for Readers?
    I’ve been in a reading mood over the past month or so. I’m not always like this however, sometimes I don’t pick up a book or eBook for months at a time, and sometimes I’m a book a week reader. Either way, the books I have been reading (Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series) have been read … Read more